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Bound by the repetitiveness of the revolving Earth

We walk in unending circles

Day in, day out

Sun up, sun down

Nothing changes

Everything changes

And it begins again

Ends again

What to do in between

Some have the power to be happy

What of those who aren’t

Who can’t

Who give up

Who ask, what for

We all have our reasons

A compound of events swirling in our minds like water ripples that don’t fade

The sunset sweetness of a mother’s warm hug

The dark shadowy pain of a last kiss

The numbing nothingness of a friend long lost

Life was never easy

The small pockets of light that seeped through were few

Never enough to make the darkness,

the emptiness,

the coldness,

the silence




Digging Deeper

Many thoughts run through my mind constantly. Sometimes the thoughts that play out are so overwhelming that I cannot help but pause and stop what I am doing because that is just how strong they are. Just a few minutes ago I had just such a thought.

I was working on a handout for my students when this thought seeped in. I was imagining myself in my classroom going through a lesson when a man with a gun comes into the classroom. This man is not familiar, I cannot distinguish him from a shadow. I run to the door to confront the man because he seems to be on a rampage and I am afraid he will hurt my students and me, being the teacher, it is my job to protect my students.

So, I run up to this man and before I can calm him down he points the gun to my chest near my left shoulder. The one thought within my thought is that I need to empty his round of bullets before he hurts anyone else. So I make him empty his round in me a la “Live Free or Die Hard”. (Does this mean I watch too much T.V.? :P )

Queue the news cast flashes with the story of my death. Creepy.

I almost teared up. I could feel one almost form. Would anyone besides my family cry for me? Would I be just a random blip on the nightly newscast? The tragic story about “a young woman’s early and unexpected death”? Or would this be a more thorough story. The kind they leave for the end. Would they interview people I knew? Would anyone want to dig deeper?

This thought reminds me of something I have heard before. “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really fall?

What are your thoughts?