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Gaming and City of Heroes

This blog is supposed to be my personal space to write about and share things that interest me and I’ve realized that I don’t post much, or haven’t in a while, about City of Heroes and gaming in general.

Mainly, I’ve blogged about crafty things. Things I have handmade. Though gaming doesn’t fall under “handmade” things it is a kind of creative outlet for me and sometimes it’s also a stress releasing outlet. And check out the video below to see how pretty the game is. :P

How is gaming creative? Well, with most games, at least games I personally like, there is something you have to figure out or solve. This isn’t so much true with COH (City of Heroes) in general gameplay but I do enjoy “badge hunting”.

Within the game there are certain tasks you can do to obtain badges, a sort of reward for completing that task. There are different categories of badges, the easiest probably being the Exploration category where you simply visit the location where a badge is and it is rewarded to your character.

There are also more difficult categories like the Achievements category where you have to earn a set of multi-category badges that lead into an Achievement badge or for certain milestones such as for reaching level 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

Sounds complicated but once you’re into it I think it’s fun. I’m sure I have pulled some gaming friends into enjoying badge hunting. And that’s another fun aspect! You can do this with your friends. It’s like a virtual scavenger hunt game. How corny do I sound? Oh well. :)

Another fun COH activity is costume creation! COH’s costume creator is a lot of fun and probably one of the best in any game out there currently. There are a myriad of costume variations. The game developers are also continually adding more and new costume pieces. I read somewhere once someone describe the costume creator as Barbie dress-up for adults… or Barbie dress-up for gamers? Something like that. And there aren’t only superhero style costume pieces, there are Steampunk pieces, barbarian pieces, robot, gunslinger, animal, Roman period and science fiction style pieces and more.

Who wouldn’t want this seemingly endless “closet” of costume possibilities? (And still we players want more!)

The game is also stress-relieving because the most fun I have is when I get to play with my fellow supergroup members. A supergroup is like an in-game guild/group/club you can form with others and it includes a supergroup base that you can build and design to (mostly) your heart’s content. I love my gaming friends, some of which I’ve met in person! Most recently, we hosted two married game friends at our home and had a great time being touristy in and around Seattle. (Separate post on that soon!) I can be myself which is harder in “real life” because of my social anxiety. In a weird way, though, it hasn’t made the anxiety worse, the game has helped me to better socialize with people when I have to in real life. :)

Other games I have played and/or still enjoy are: Mortal Kombat on any system or platform, Mario Mart Wii, DC Universe Online, racing games, puzzles, solitaire, sudoku, Angry Birds, some tabletop games, card games, Mad Gab is hilarious, and many more I can’t remember and am too tired/lazy to type in. :P

Our most recent game that Travis and I have played is a tabletop game called Munchkin. I had heard of this game before but never had a chance to play it but then I saw Felicia Day and some of her friends/The Guild actors play it on her Geek and Sundry YouTube channel and then I REALLY wanted to play it. We played our first game (the first night we got the game!) with his brother, Spencer, and Spencer’s girlfriend, Tessa. Fun was had. :)

Watch Felicia Day, Steve Jackson (Munchkin game creator), Sandeep Parikh, and Wil Weaton play Munchkin:

Are you a COH player or gamer? What games do you recommend?


Etsy, Manicure, Thanksgiving Dinner, and Friday Adventures…

New on Etsy

I created and listed pet necklaces. That is right. Necklaces for your small pets! I do not even know if they will ever sell but they were a lot of fun to make. Take a look at them here and let me know what you think. The necklaces are so cute, I really like them.

Pet Necklace: Filigree Sphere Pendant on Glittery Red Chenille Stem

Necklace for Pet, Cat, or Small Dog: Filigree Style Sphere Pendant with Silvertone Findings on a Glittery Red Chenille Stem (Pipecleaner)

For my fellow gamers, I also listed three keychains that I made out of City of Heroes game cards that I bought from HeroCon in 2009. I cut a bit of the side and bottoms of each to make them smaller and a little more focused on each of the characters. There is a Desdemona, Maelstrom, and Statesman keychain. I had an extra Desdemona one I put on my own set of keys. I love it! :)

Keychain: Upcycled City of Heroes Game Card Featuring Desdemona

Keychain: Upcycled City of Heroes Game Card Featuring Desdemona


Last Wednesday I painted my nails inspired by …love Maegan’s nude and glitter manicure. I used a clear base coat of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails, two coats of Sally Hansen’s Nude Now, L.A. Colors Nail Art Lacquer silver glitter nail polish, and a final coat of the same clear nail polish that I used as the base. Maegan used a gold glitter nail polish with larger sized glitter but I didn’t have any and I still really liked how my manicure came out. On Monday of this week, however, there was a sale at Fred Meyer on a set of seven L.A. Colors Color Craze (Limited Edition Series Glitter Brights) nail polishes for $6.99 which included a gold glitter one similar to the one Maegan used! Yay! I can not wait to use it!

Nude Glitter Manicure Polishes

Nude and Glitter Manicure Polishes

Nude and Glitter Manicure

Nude and Glitter Manicure

Nude and Glitter Manicure

Nude and Glitter Manicure

I love the subtleness of the glitter on the nude nail polish. I do not usually get crazy looking manicures so this one was right up my alley. Maegan also previously used the same technique with a dark purple color and the same gold glitter polish which also looks great. Unfortunately, I do not own a dark purple polish but I am thinking I need to buy one. ;)

Thanksgiving Dinner

On Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner at Travis’ aunt Carol’s place in Freeland, WA. It is on Whidbey Island North of us. The drive there is fun because at some point we have to ride the ferry onto the island. Carol’s house is really cool. Her and her husband, Larry, built the house themselves! Carol is a sculptor, painter, and teaches art. Check out some of her work showcased on her website.

There are very cool items in her home like a small lamp near the fireplace that is made from a salt rock. It has a nice amber glow. There is so much I cannot even remember it all now. Oops.

Pictured below are Carol’s dog, Rosie, and the cat, Frida. They were both very well behaved pets. There’s the salt rock lamp!

Rosie on her bed in front of the fireplace.

Rosie on her bed in front of the fireplace.

Frida on her bed in front of the fireplace.

Frida on her bed in front of the fireplace. She's about 16 years old!

Friday Adventures

On Friday Travis and I went to STORABLES (a store with all kinds of organizational units like drawers, hooks, etc.) so I could drop off a job application. We bought a clear cookbook holder and a white broom and mop holder.

I had been searching forever for a cookbook or book holder. Now I can type up all the recipes I have collected!

The broom/mop holder was also needed. We have two brooms, a couple of mops(?), and a little dust pan in one of the kitchen closets where we also store large boxes of beer from Costco and there are two bags of dry cat food. The cat food bags are pretty big, too, making it impossible for everything to fit nicely in there.

After STORABLES we were on our way to Hobby Lobby, a newly favorite store of ours, when the car in front of us stopped suddenly. We were far enough behind that we did not hit the car in front of us but the car behind us did. We pulled into the parking lot we were next to. The other driver was a young girl. They exchanged information and then we were on our way again. The damage on the rear bumper was not terrible but it is definitely noticeable.

Finally Home

Travis’ dad was waiting for us at home because he wanted another magnetic eyeglass holder for himself. Travis had made and given one each to his mom, dad, and aunt on Thursday and they all loved them! His dad, Alan, gave his to one of Carol’s guests so she could show it to people she knew to get the word out that Travis made them and steer a little business his way. :)

So Alan came for more and also to grab some of Travis’ business cards to give out. I had to improvise and print a few labels with Travis’ Etsy shop URL and stick them on the back. I will be creating a new design for him in the next few days.

Travis' current business card, front side.

Travis' current business card, front side.

Travis' current business card, back side with Etsy URL label.

Travis' current business card, back side with Etsy URL label.

All the information on his cards are current, so feel free to contact him and visit his shop if you are interested in buying a unique, handmade eyeglass holder or a cool creature sculpture. :)

Sorry for the extremely long post. I hope it was not boring! This has been a crazy up-and-down week. We survived, I think that is all that matters for now.

Thanks for reading!



HeroCon 2009!

I’m such a procrastinator, even for blogging. Not that I have many readers/ subscribers, but I generally don’t share too much about my personal life with many people.

I often have a sort of “block” that makes it hard for me to put any of my life and projects out there. I am a loner and I actually enjoy it maybe a little too much for my own good.

Anywho, for anyone who actually reads this (thanks! ;) ) I am very excited about my trip to San Jose, California coming up in October! I will be attending HeroCon, a weekend convention solely based on a MMO that I have been playing for about four and a half years now. The game is called City of Heroes/ Villains. And this will also be my first gaming convention! Ahhhhhh!

I’m excited about meeting other players since most of my “real life” friends don’t play or know about this game, or, they don’t have the means to pay the subscription fee ($15 monthly) or for whatever other reason they just don’t play this game. I did pull in one friend, she knows who she is. ;) And Ransk* also plays it occasionally.

I’m also excited to see what kinds of goodies are in store for the players, the game developer panels, etc.

Gosh, I am such a COH junkie! I have bought all the “booster packs” available thus far. Booster packs contain in-game items you can purchase online. They include costume pieces, emotes (actions you can perform within the game such as juggling), and powers.

I think I am most excited to share this trip with karthy*. I think. ;) Hehe, just kidding of course! Karthy is a fellow gamer I met on COH. We have quite a lot in common including, eerily, being the same height and weight. What? No, I won’t tell you how much I weigh! Hehe. I believe we also have some of the same mannerisms, ideas, and thoughts. We tend to think/ say type the same thing.

Hopefully, Kontra*, the real life friend who I pulled into the game, will also accompany us on the trip and we will all share a room together.

I can’t wait! I just need to purchase my flight tickets and I’m good to go!



New avie and too much cat info ;)

Sigh. 2:11 am. Cannot sleep.

I took about a three to four hour “nap” tonight hoping that this killer headache would go away. And if you know me, you would also know that I very much dislike taking any kind of meds. Whether I have a simple headache, muscle ache, or I am sick with a fever I tend to just wait it out and let my body fight the good fight. So I have yet to take something for this headache but it looks like it is winning the battle this time.

Hmmm… One possible reason for this headache could be that I was intensely working on an avatar in Photoshop. Total time spent working on the avie was somewhere around two hours. Remember that merry-go-round effect I mentioned? Well, I started with one idea: to make an animated .gif showcasing all the cats I have owned over the years, and I ended up with an even cooler end product: an animated .gif that parodies earning a badge in City of Heroes/Villains (COV/H), a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

The Cat Badge (10/15/2008)

The Cat Badge (10/15/2008)

The avie is a badge awarded for earning 12 or more cats. Though, I should have used a more round number like 10. I have owned around 20 cats in my lifetime! Currently, I only have one cat, named Salem, but he lives with my sister out in the ‘burbs. :(

He is also the oldest cat I have had. He is eight years old.


This is my last remaining cat, Salem. Isn't he a cutie?

He has extra toes on both his front and hind paws. Cats usually have five toes on their front paws and four on the hind paws. Salem has two extra toes on each paw. These kinds of cats are called polydactyl cats or Hemingway cats, after Earnest Hemingway who loved this type of cat with extra toes. Hemingway’s home is now a museum that houses decendants of his first polydactyl cat given to him by a sailor.

Salem was not the only cat I have owned with extra toes. We had maybe three or more polydactyl cats through the years.

Are you a cat lover like me? I always enjoy cat images, why don’t you share yours? :)