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Black and grey striped cardigan.

Black and grey striped cardigan

This week has been a tad busy but rest assured, I do have some crafty ideas in the works! I am planning at least two projects just from the cardigan/sweater pictured above. It has been a while since I wore it and it will not stay buttoned unless I put a couple of safety pins. So I decided to re-purpose it and change it. I have already cut off the black “wrist” part of this sweater which I will be making into one or two cuff bracelets. For the rest of the sweater I am thinking of making it into a vest by cutting off the rest of the sleeves and making the “arm hole” a little wider. I do not own ANY vests and hope that this little project of mine turns out as desired. :)

Lately I have been keeping almost any clothing scraps, trinkets, and recyclables that I may be able to use for future projects. Now, I am really not a pack-rat and hope that I never turn into one! I like to keep things organized and keep what I need and toss out or give away what I do not need.

For anyone reading this, if you need to get rid of anything I can give it a good home: yarn, fabric, paints, clothes, shoes. I currently am not really employed (just a little side job) so at the very least I can pay for shipping of your item(s) if you do not live near me.

What can I do with the rest of the stripy sleeves? :)



2 thoughts on “New Projects

  1. avatarkarthy

    Hmm… legwarmer-ish things? Maybe cut both sleeves open on the seams and sew them together for a bag of sorts?

  2. avatarTina Post author

    The sleeves are a tad too small to be legwarmers and not warm enough. I like the bag idea. :)

    Thanks, Karthy!

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