Scary Movies

After reading Julia’s tweet, a YouTube make-up guru I follow, saying this, “Just downloaded a bunch of horror films to watch in bed : ) My bf hates scary movies”, my mind traveled back to my childhood and our love of horror films.

My mom, sisters, and I loved to watch all the Freddy¬†Krueger, Friday the 13th, and Hellraiser movies and most any other horror movies we happened to catch on T.V. I don’t recall any of us being afraid of the dark because of those movies. In fact, I think we loved being in the dark. We would play hide-and-seek often. My mom would turn off all the lights in the house and then we’d all scramble away and hide anywhere we could. It was usually my mom who was the seeker while the three of us girls hid. I’ll have to ask her about it sometime.

Nowadays, it’s a different story for me and probably my other sister, Lisa. I can’t stand watching any gory/scary/horror movies because I just cringe and can feel the goriness of it all throughout my body and bones. I never used to be as squeamish as I am now. Even the sight of my own blood makes me nervous sometimes.

I believe this all started when I saw The Grudge for the first time at the movie theater. Not sure why it scared me to the point where I couldn’t sleep for days and I started being afraid of shadows and feeling a bit disoriented. That feeling of being scared went away after about a month or so but since then I haven’t been able to watch ANY horror movies. The sight of someone getting their feet cut off both grosses me out and makes me feel like it’s MY leg that’s being cut off. I have to close my eyes and think of something else.

I don’t think I’m easily scared, but I am easily grossed out. Dirty fingernails, the sticky ring left by a glass, even dust sometimes. I do admit I am a bit of a germaphobe and I didn’t realize that until Travis, my boyfriend, pointed it out some time ago.

Anyway, that’s a little bit of history on me. :)

What frightens you?



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