New avie and too much cat info ;)

Sigh. 2:11 am. Cannot sleep.

I took about a three to four hour “nap” tonight hoping that this killer headache would go away. And if you know me, you would also know that I very much dislike taking any kind of meds. Whether I have a simple headache, muscle ache, or I am sick with a fever I tend to just wait it out and let my body fight the good fight. So I have yet to take something for this headache but it looks like it is winning the battle this time.

Hmmm… One possible reason for this headache could be that I was intensely working on an avatar in Photoshop. Total time spent working on the avie was somewhere around two hours. Remember that merry-go-round effect I mentioned? Well, I started with one idea: to make an animated .gif showcasing all the cats I have owned over the years, and I ended up with an even cooler end product: an animated .gif that parodies earning a badge in City of Heroes/Villains (COV/H), a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

The Cat Badge (10/15/2008)

The Cat Badge (10/15/2008)

The avie is a badge awarded for earning 12 or more cats. Though, I should have used a more round number like 10. I have owned around 20 cats in my lifetime! Currently, I only have one cat, named Salem, but he lives with my sister out in the ‘burbs. :(

He is also the oldest cat I have had. He is eight years old.


This is my last remaining cat, Salem. Isn't he a cutie?

He has extra toes on both his front and hind paws. Cats usually have five toes on their front paws and four on the hind paws. Salem has two extra toes on each paw. These kinds of cats are called polydactyl cats or Hemingway cats, after Earnest Hemingway who loved this type of cat with extra toes. Hemingway’s home is now a museum that houses decendants of his first polydactyl cat given to him by a sailor.

Salem was not the only cat I have owned with extra toes. We had maybe three or more polydactyl cats through the years.

Are you a cat lover like me? I always enjoy cat images, why don’t you share yours? :)



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