Crafty Addiction

Hobby Lobby Addiction

Since this craft store, Hobby Lobby, has opened in our area about a month or so ago Travis and I have been visiting the store and buying cool things we find. And we buy something EACH TIME WE GO! It is crazy but it has also been very fun. I have enjoyed all my trips there and most of the time I get things I actually need as opposed to things that I just like. It takes quite a bit of restraint. ;)

Hobby Lobby has lots of really cool stuff and we just cannot help ourselves sometimes when we visit. So far their prices have been more affordable than Jo-Ann or Michael’s (both of which are also very near us!).

And… Guess what? We just discovered yet another crafty store on Monday. This is a smaller store full of weird/cool things. They also have a “creation station” where you can go and use their space for a small fee to make whatever you want with whatever they have. The store is called Creation Station.

Here is their store blurb from their website:

Creation Station is an innovative crafts store and art studio located in Lynnwood, Wash. For the past 15 years, we have supplied surplus and recycled materials to teachers, students, artists, inventors, scientists, engineers and all those who love to create and dream.

And here is their cute business card:



Here are a few pictures I took while we were there (using my iPhone camera, some pictures may be blurry/dark):


Some handmade decor. There are tons of other "decorations" around the store, some used as samples to give you ideas for item uses.

Single cabinet doors.

Single cabinet doors. Great for painting and creating some other great artwork on.

Red Milk Caps

Red milk caps.

Empty VHS Tape Boxes

Empty VHS tape boxes.

Cardboard Tabs

Cardboard tabs with a few strung together as ornaments.

Flattened Milk Cartons

Flattened new, unused milk cartons.

Empty Bottles, Lids, etc.

Empty bottles, lids, etc.



We will be sure to go back and support this small business. I bought a small roll of leather, a package of wire, and a fabric sampler book thingy with some cool fabrics I hope to be using.

Supporting Local Artists

On Saturday, Travis’ mom (Janet), invited me to tag along with her to a local artists “Annual Holiday Show and Bargain Extravaganza” which she held in her home that also serves as her studio/factory. The artist is Mary-Melinda Wellsandt and she keeps a blog here: Beautiful home, by the way.

I also found her Facebook page and Flickr photo stream. Very stalkery of me, I know, but these pages are out there for the public to see! ;)

She creates beautiful glass pieces such as vases, tumblers, candle holders, and wine and martini glasses. I bought two martini glasses at $20 each (seen in a picture at the end of this post on the left). They had a nice, subtle green hue to them with a pretty design.

While at Mary-Melinda’s place she had flyers for other friends’ “Holiday Bazaar & Social” who live nearby and was also holding this little event at their home, Dee and Matt. Matt owns a store on Queen Anne called Four Winds Artful Living and he would be having some of the items from his store for sale at this home event at a 10% discount. Among some of the items there were cashmere scarves and hats, pashmina shawls, leather handbags, candles and soaps, jewelry, handmade paper journals, pretty Thai silk coin purses, and t-shirts. I bought a little sage green coin purse because it was about all I could afford at that point. It is really pretty with roses sewn on and I had been looking for a coin purse anyway!

Matt and Dee have a beautiful home and it is right at the end of their street overlooking Lake Washington! Take a look at the great view they get to wake up to:

View of Lake Washington

View of Lake Washington. Their house is on the right edge of the picture.

More Lake Washington views

More Lake Washington views. I panned a little more to the left.

Front Entrance

Matt and Dee's front entrance to their home.


They also have this cute little pond with actual fish! I did not get any fish in the picture, however. :(

Afterwards, Janet and I walked around in the Columbia City neighborhood, near where the Farmer’s Market she works at. We went into a gallery and looked around. We saw some neat things and even some of Mary-Melinda’s pieces. There were some button rings(!!!) and bracelets on display, too! They were really pretty and gave me some ideas to work with. We visited a small store of one of Janet’s long-time customers but she was not there. There were some really cool pieces in the shop, too. For a light lunch/dinner we stopped in at a small but nice pizza place (I do not remember the name!) and had a “pizzete”, a small 8″ personal pizza which we shared, and I had a raspberry lemonade. It was all very yummy!

Later that night, Travis, Janet, Alan (Travis’ dad), and I went to Cinebarre to watch the new Muppets movie. It was better than I thought it was going to be and it was very funny and entertaining. Janet also gave me a tin box full of beautiful/cool vintage rings (50’s/60’s) that were Travis’ grandmother’s! I had always dreamed of being handed-down something from a grandparent but I never met or knew any of my grandparents except my mom’s dad who lives in Florida, but we do not really keep in touch as he does not speak Spanish/English very well.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of the buttons I received:

Tin With Vintage Buttons

Tin With Vintage Buttons!

Vintage Buttons

A few of the vintage buttons I plan to use. More leather braided buttons, too!

New Etsy Listings

A cute pink satin ribbon and goldtone aluminum metal chain bracelet. :)

Bracelet: Pink Satin Ribbon and Goldtone Metal Chain Bracelet

Pink Satin Ribbon and Goldtone Metal Chain Bracelet

A retro looking ring made from a vintage brown leather braided button.

Vintage Brown Leather Braided Button Ring

Vintage Brown Leather Braided Button Ring

Another vintage button ring this time in navy blue and it is a fabric ring with a goldtone metallic ring as the base for the button. The ring part is still a silvertone ring.

Vintage Navy Blue Fabric and Goldtone Button

Vintage Navy Blue Fabric and Goldtone Button Ring

Vintage button ring in black fabric with a goldtone ring as the base of the button.

Vintage Black Fabric and Goldtone Button Ring

Vintage Black Fabric and Goldtone Button Ring

And lastly, one more vintage button ring, similar to the previous one except this one is a little bigger.

Large Vintage Black Fabric and Goldtone Button Ring

Large Vintage Black Fabric and Goldtone Button Ring

Again, thank you for reading! My posts continue to grow and get longer but since I am really only posting once a week I think it is ok. What do you think?



4 thoughts on “Crafty Addiction

  1. avatarDonatella

    pure envy. those flat new milk carton??? love at first sight. i don’t know why, i have no idea what i could do with these, but hey love has rules!!!
    sounds like a great couple of days of fun discoveries, cool places and people!! xox, d.

  2. avatarTina Post author

    Hehe. That’s how I felt, too, about the milk cartons! I was like :O

    I wouldn’t know what to do with them either but I restrained myself from buying them without knowing what for. They’ll be there next time… I hope! :)

    Thanks for the comment, Donatella. <3


  3. avatarImportKT

    Hobby Lobby got you too huh? I cannot leave that store for any less than $30…but it yields alot! Also do you get their coupon? Here in NY if you subscribe to their mailer they’ll email you one 40% off one item coupon each week! Its tops!

    Cheers KT

  4. avatarTina Post author

    Hi KT,

    Yes, I can’t leave there without buying SOMETHING. :P
    The one we go to just opened up about a month or so ago and my boyfriend and I were going just to check it out. Ended up getting a lot of stuff. Him, too! :)

    I think we print a coupon from their website each time. I’ll check in about the mailer.



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