The Bad, The Good, and Life…

The Bad

I’ve been away for a few reasons. At first it was my job keeping me busy and tired. Then I started having issues with my main computer, my desktop, and now it has completely broken down and I haven’t been able to do much with it. All of my media and documents should still be recoverable but since I was also broke until recently (got my first direct deposit money from work!) I wasn’t able to buy a new hard drive and HDD case to transfer things over.

Is it weird that I miss my computer? I have a notebook computer that I am typing this post from but I really miss my dual-monitor desktop computer. :) I guess it was about time. I’ve had that computer for years now. It probably needs a few upgrades which I don’t really want to even think about because it can be very costly.

I haven’t even been able to post new items to Etsy because I had already transferred all of my product pictures to my desktop. So, I will have to retake pictures of the items I didn’t post. (Except for the one listed below. I had it as a draft listing. Yay!)

The Good

Even though work has kept me busy and I come home tired it is still fun for me. I like the challenge of interacting with a wide array of people. Most are nice, some not so much but with every interaction I learn what to do, what not to do, and what to say. I’ve never worked in such a fast-paced job before but I am enjoying it. I truly enjoy working with all of my coworkers and the office manager is extremely nice and funny and praises my work almost every day I’m there.

In other life news… Travis and I are now engaged! He proposed on my birthday after we came home from having dinner at our favorite restaurant. Travis said there’s some palladium mixed in with the gold in the ring, a little tidbit he knew I’d like since I love the Iron Man movies and have watched the second Iron Man movie a gazillion times now. :P

I have also done a bit of marketing for my business, Computer Mystic, by handing out my business cards to some of my coworkers and even to a woman who works at JC Penny who said she needed computer lessons and would call me! So I’m hoping my business will actually provide me some income this year. Hehe.

All in all the good and the bad haven’t brought me down (too much). I’ve taken a small break from crafting but also recently took up crocheting again and that has been extremely fun. I used to crochet as a kid because my mom used to also. I never created anything too fancy or complicated past any beginning starting chain stitches but that skill has come in handy. I made really cute red crocheted hearts which I planned on making earrings out of and started on a neckwarmer necklace. I will have pictures later on sometime.

I’m looking forward to making greater, bigger, and cooler crocheted things in the future. I can’t wait! I need to make a stop at Hobby Lobby for more yarn and crochet needles. ;)

Etsy Listing

This stone bead bracelet with chocolate brown, hand-braided suede cord was a draft listing I luckily created before my computer went kaput. The stone is really cool. It’s a bit oversized but I like it. What do you think?

Bracelet: Braided Brown Suede Leather Cord with Brown Fossil Stone and Goldtone Findings, Extendable, Lobster Clasp

Bracelet: Braided Brown Suede Leather Cord with Brown Fossil Stone and Goldtone Findings, Extendable, Lobster Clasp

I think that’s all that’s happened in the past few weeks I’ve been away from blogging. We survived the Washington snowmageddon which closed down my work office for at least 4 days. Travis still trudged in to work.

What bad, good, and life things have you been trudging through?



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