Steampunk, Fairy, Kitty Halloween 2013

This year more than past Halloweens I decided to dress up for the occasion and wore two different “costumes”.

Taken by my coworker, Courtney.

Taken by my coworker, Courtney.

I was a Steampunk Fairy for work. Our department’s theme was “fairy” and since I didn’t own anything very fairy-like I re-used my Steampunk look that I wore at PAX and added Steampunk fairy wings that I made myself.

Outside "face" of wings.

Outside “face” of wings.

Inside of wings. They look better in person!

Inside of wings. They look better in person!

The very silly picture of me that is posted at work along with other coworkers' Halloween pictures.

The very silly picture of me that is posted at work along with other coworkers’ Halloween pictures.

On Halloween, I was scheduled to work but a group theme hadn’t been decided upon yet so I made cat ears to go with my clothes. I call my costume the “Classy Cat Lady”. I thought it would be very fitting as I work in the Apparel department.

"Classy Cat Lady"

“Classy Cat Lady”

My makeup was inspired by “Grzee” and this Egyptian makeup she had on that I saw on Pinterest. I don’t think my version of the makeup looked as good as I was hoping but I got compliments on it, and compliments are never a bad thing to get! I didn’t go for the whiskers and cat face look because I knew I was eventually going to forget and rub my nose or something and smear it all over.


Makeup closeup.

My kitty ears were partly inspired by Maegan of whose blog I’ve been following for a few years now. (Pssst… She’s following me on Twitter and most recently on Instagram! :D ) I love her style and DIY’s. Lots of inspiration on there. Link to her leather kitty ears DIY.

Cat ears headbands!

Cat ears headbands!

I made extra cat ear headbands in case some of my coworkers didn’t dress up but still wanted to have a little fun and cat-girl things up with me. I kept my zebra patterned kitty ears and my coworkers kept theirs. I don’t mind. I think it’s cool that they liked them enough to ask to keep them. :D

My and my Ramona.

Winding down with makeup still on my face and my Ramona.

It was a pretty fun day even if I had to work. I came home to a yummy dinner and drink. :)



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