Too much time on my hands…

So school is over for me for the moment. I finally graduated after FIVE years working through an Associate’s program! Go me!

But now I find myself with almost too much time and not a lot of motivation to leave the house. The good things: I’ve started drawing and painting again; I decided to and started to learn to play the acoustic guitar thanks to my little friend, Matt, who lent me his guitar; I’m almost done cleaning up my home after neglecting it for the most part while I was in school. The bad thing about having too much time now is that I don’t know what to do with myself. I would love to be out and about, going to the beach and taking walks, but with social anxiety it’s been a bit hard. I don’t have many friends and most of the friends I do have are into their own things.


I’ve thought of taking up some volunteer activities, so that’s a possibility. Travis and I are going on a trip later this year, so I’m kind of limited budget-wise until I can pay off the trip. We also live in a condo apartment, which limits what we can do here. It would be nice if we had a yard and I could try my hand at gardening, but all we have available is a small balcony attached to our third floor condo. I do have ideas and plans for the balcony space but, again, I need to try and not spend too much money right now.

I have a sale party coming up, which will hopefully help me get rid of some crafty items I have that have been sitting around for a while.

Until I can get myself together again, this song has been stuck in my head for weeks now:


Have a great weekend!


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