HeroCon 2009!

I’m such a procrastinator, even for blogging. Not that I have many readers/ subscribers, but I generally don’t share too much about my personal life with many people.

I often have a sort of “block” that makes it hard for me to put any of my life and projects out there. I am a loner and I actually enjoy it maybe a little too much for my own good.

Anywho, for anyone who actually reads this (thanks! ;) ) I am very excited about my trip to San Jose, California coming up in October! I will be attending HeroCon, a weekend convention solely based on a MMO that I have been playing for about four and a half years now. The game is called City of Heroes/ Villains. And this will also be my first gaming convention! Ahhhhhh!

I’m excited about meeting other players since most of my “real life” friends don’t play or know about this game, or, they don’t have the means to pay the subscription fee ($15 monthly) or for whatever other reason they just don’t play this game. I did pull in one friend, she knows who she is. ;) And Ransk* also plays it occasionally.

I’m also excited to see what kinds of goodies are in store for the players, the game developer panels, etc.

Gosh, I am such a COH junkie! I have bought all the “booster packs” available thus far. Booster packs contain in-game items you can purchase online. They include costume pieces, emotes (actions you can perform within the game such as juggling), and powers.

I think I am most excited to share this trip with karthy*. I think. ;) Hehe, just kidding of course! Karthy is a fellow gamer I met on COH. We have quite a lot in common including, eerily, being the same height and weight. What? No, I won’t tell you how much I weigh! Hehe. I believe we also have some of the same mannerisms, ideas, and thoughts. We tend to think/ say type the same thing.

Hopefully, Kontra*, the real life friend who I pulled into the game, will also accompany us on the trip and we will all share a room together.

I can’t wait! I just need to purchase my flight tickets and I’m good to go!



8 thoughts on “HeroCon 2009!

  1. avatarKarthy

    Hey, that’s me! :D And wait.. .you -think- you’re excited to go with me?? You KNOW you are ;)

    And to Req – you might be coming???!!! That would be awesome!

  2. avatarkarthy

    Reading this post reminds me about how much fun that trip was.. I want to do something like that again! :)

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