Ideas and Rude People

Why do my better ideas come to me when I’m taking a shower when I have no way to write them down?

I get ideas about blog topics I’d like to post, or art making ideas, creative things like that. So many ideas running through my head at once, like a series of dreams that you forget almost instantaneously when you wake up.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I can be very forgetful and a daydreamer, too! I’m doomed. I’m a quiet thinker. When asked a question I think it over in my head deeply until I come up with a satisfactory answer. Flaws of a perfectionist.

That reminds me of at least three instances at work when I was asked about where certain products were. I kinda zone out and think for too long if I dont know the answer right away. Twice I was rudely asked if I even knew what the item in question was. Oh man, how that stung. I felt so dumb and then I become flustered. It’s already difficult for me to interact with people in person, and having to deal with rude people just makes it even worse. It makes me want to shut down and give up.

Anyway, I should really go to sleep. I have to be up in just a few hours but I wanted to try and keep my blog up. More randomness to come later. :)



2 thoughts on “Ideas and Rude People

  1. avatarKarthy

    Yeah, I know what you mean with the rude people. I get them at the library every so often. I get all shakey and flustered. Bah! When it comes to fight or flight, I’m a total flight person :P

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