Ever since childhood, I have had an enormous interest in cats. I would see the neighborhood cats and devise plans to trap them. I remember begging my mom to let us get a cat.

Around 11 years old, living in a basement, my sisters and I managed to lure a cat in through our bedroom window with some ham. We had fallen asleep by the time the cat jumped in but I was awoken by it jumping on my legs. I quickly closed the window screen before the cat reached it and turned on the light. The orange and white tabby was a little startled but was not aggressive at all and let us pet her. We brushed her fur and there was so much of it that when we were done she was almost half the size!

We kept this kitty in our home for a few days, fed her, and named her Sally. I love the movie “Homeward Bound” and the cat in the movie was named Sally, I think that’s where we got the idea to name her that.

After a few days, we decided we should let Sally out and see if she would return and she did! She would come and go as she pleased. She also brought us a little gift one day. At some point she got pregnant but when she had her kittens she wasn’t at our place. I believe only one of her kittens survived as she only brought one with her in her mouth. This was our first kitten experience! We were so excited! We named our kitten Sylvia.

Sally and Sylvia

Sally and Sylvia

Sylvia would come and go as she pleased, too. Until she just never came back. We don’t know exactly what happened to her but there wasn’t much we could do at the time. We were poor and weren’t really allowed to keep pets where we lived. Sally kept coming back to us and bringing us more kittens over time. We managed to find good homes for most of the kittens and kept some for us as well.

From Sally, we kept getting new litters from her kittens over the years. I kept a record of all the kitten births up to my last cat, Salem, from the same family line. He was my favorite and I still miss him greatly. Salem loved for me to pick him up and carry him around like a baby. He was a very sweet but serious cat.


My baby Salem

Today, my two cats are Cheesecake and Ashes, two of the sweetest, nicest, quirkiest cats I’ve ever met. Cheesecake loves to half-sit on things lying on the floor. Shoes, a plastic bag, purses, clothes, etc. He’s also very vocal when there is not enough food in the cat bowls or when he wants cuddles. He has one bad hind leg so he can’t jump long distances or up too high. He’s also a bit lazy. Heh.

Cheesecake and Ashes

Cheesecake and Ashes

Ashes is a ninja. He eats only after Cheesecake has had his fill and when there is no one else around. He likes to paw out the dry food one cat nibble at a time and eat it off the floor. He likes to guard the bathroom door when you go in. He LOVES balled up paper and bottle caps and is always ready to chase them down. Ashes enjoys getting licked by Cheesecake and will butt his head into Cheesecake for some attention. Ashes will also sometimes get a little crazy and shoot around a room like a bullet for just a few seconds to get his wild out.

And they both love their daddy and can recognize his footsteps when he’s coming home from work. They will get up and greet him at the door.