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I’m Tina and I run this little nook of the Internet mostly from home in Lynnwood, WA where I live with my husband, Travis, two big male cats, Cheesecake and Ashes, and a new furry addition, Ramona.

I blog about my life and interests, mainly arts and crafts. I consider myself an amateur artist since I haven’t had “formal” training or instruction in any particular artistic field, though I did briefly attend an art school. I’ve always enjoyed writing, drawing, and creating things. My mom used to tell my sisters and me that in her native town in Mexico she used to make pottery, corn husk dolls, and other native art you find in small indigenous towns there.

As children, we loved doing artsy things. We would put on plays for my mom, we would have cooking days where each one of us would make something different (a pizza, cookies, a cake), we would color, draw, make piñatas, and any other thing that we could think of. So art is very personal and comforting for me. It makes me feel like a kid again. It’s also very relaxing and I just enjoy it.

My blog features my own original artwork including but not limited to drawings, sketches, poems, thoughts/ideas, musings, photography, life/work, gaming and other random topics. Enjoy and feel free to message me and ask me anything.


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