Too much time on my hands…

So school is over for me for the moment. I finally graduated after FIVE years working through an Associate’s program! Go me!

But now I find myself with almost too much time and not a lot of motivation to leave the house. The good things: I’ve started drawing and painting again; I decided to and started to learn to play the acoustic guitar thanks to my little friend, Matt, who lent me his guitar; I’m almost done cleaning up my home after neglecting it for the most part while I was in school. The bad thing about having too much time now is that I don’t know what to do with myself. I would love to be out and about, going to the beach and taking walks, but with social anxiety it’s been a bit hard. I don’t have many friends and most of the friends I do have are into their own things.


I’ve thought of taking up some volunteer activities, so that’s a possibility. Travis and I are going on a trip later this year, so I’m kind of limited budget-wise until I can pay off the trip. We also live in a condo apartment, which limits what we can do here. It would be nice if we had a yard and I could try my hand at gardening, but all we have available is a small balcony attached to our third floor condo. I do have ideas and plans for the balcony space but, again, I need to try and not spend too much money right now.

I have a sale party coming up, which will hopefully help me get rid of some crafty items I have that have been sitting around for a while.

Until I can get myself together again, this song has been stuck in my head for weeks now:


Have a great weekend!


Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole…

Do you ever watch a video on YouTube and all of sudden you’ve watched like 10 others from the related videos?


I was looking up the pronunciation of the name Alcee (I was curious and it was in one of my homework readings) and then stumbled across another related video on native pronunciations vs. written words by this British woman named Jade, and then I watched a few of her other videos on her personal channel and she’s just so cute and hilarious AND she also has anxiety. I think it’s social anxiety, like me, but I’m not sure if she knows that.

Anyway, I loved these two videos she posted:

1. Lisping and what to do about it…

2. Mad Hermit Woman (Sound familiar? I was just telling someone the other day that I needed a break from homework and my cave aka home. ;P)

I thought you might enjoy them (whoever you may be). And check out her other videos. Chances are, if you’re an introvert or have social anxiety, you might learn a thing or two. Or if you want to be better at public speaking, she’s got some great tips for that too!


Life and Such

It’s been a while since my last post… Almost two years! Eeeek!

So what have I been up to the past two years? Not much, honestly. I’m still working at Fred Meyer, in the Apparel Dept. I’m still going to school on and off and I will HOPEFULLY be done with my Associate’s degree by Spring of next year (I passed all my math classes! Phew!). I’ve also been drawing more than crafting lately. Mostly black and white sketches in ink.



Maths Nightmares

Maths Nightmares



My main computer broke down again, which is another reason I haven’t blogged much, though this happened more recently. I’m pretty bummed out about it but I haven’t done much to get it repaired. I need to check whether it’s just the power supply that shorted out during a power outage. That should be an easy fix, but if it’s something else, like the motherboard… Eeek. No bueno.

Last year we went to PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) with some friends from Grand Rapids, MI, and we cosplayed as The Scoobie Gang and as Steampunkers. We did it again this year at GenCon in Indiannapolis, IN, with the same friends and had lots of fun!

Scoobie Gang 2015

Scoobie Gang at GenCon 2015 (Left to right: Shaggy (Mike), Velma (Karthy), Daphne (me!), and Fred (Travis).)

Those are all the major things I can think of. Oh, we also visited my family in Chicago this year, just before GenCon. I got to meet my two beautiful nieces who were born after I left Chicago five years ago.

This year has been pretty good so far. :)


Steampunk, Fairy, Kitty Halloween 2013

This year more than past Halloweens I decided to dress up for the occasion and wore two different “costumes”.

Taken by my coworker, Courtney.

Taken by my coworker, Courtney.

I was a Steampunk Fairy for work. Our department’s theme was “fairy” and since I didn’t own anything very fairy-like I re-used my Steampunk look that I wore at PAX and added Steampunk fairy wings that I made myself.

Outside "face" of wings.

Outside “face” of wings.

Inside of wings. They look better in person!

Inside of wings. They look better in person!

The very silly picture of me that is posted at work along with other coworkers' Halloween pictures.

The very silly picture of me that is posted at work along with other coworkers’ Halloween pictures.

On Halloween, I was scheduled to work but a group theme hadn’t been decided upon yet so I made cat ears to go with my clothes. I call my costume the “Classy Cat Lady”. I thought it would be very fitting as I work in the Apparel department.

"Classy Cat Lady"

“Classy Cat Lady”

My makeup was inspired by “Grzee” and this Egyptian makeup she had on that I saw on Pinterest. I don’t think my version of the makeup looked as good as I was hoping but I got compliments on it, and compliments are never a bad thing to get! I didn’t go for the whiskers and cat face look because I knew I was eventually going to forget and rub my nose or something and smear it all over.


Makeup closeup.

My kitty ears were partly inspired by Maegan of whose blog I’ve been following for a few years now. (Pssst… She’s following me on Twitter and most recently on Instagram! :D ) I love her style and DIY’s. Lots of inspiration on there. Link to her leather kitty ears DIY.

Cat ears headbands!

Cat ears headbands!

I made extra cat ear headbands in case some of my coworkers didn’t dress up but still wanted to have a little fun and cat-girl things up with me. I kept my zebra patterned kitty ears and my coworkers kept theirs. I don’t mind. I think it’s cool that they liked them enough to ask to keep them. :D

My and my Ramona.

Winding down with makeup still on my face and my Ramona.

It was a pretty fun day even if I had to work. I came home to a yummy dinner and drink. :)



Gaming and City of Heroes

This blog is supposed to be my personal space to write about and share things that interest me and I’ve realized that I don’t post much, or haven’t in a while, about City of Heroes and gaming in general.

Mainly, I’ve blogged about crafty things. Things I have handmade. Though gaming doesn’t fall under “handmade” things it is a kind of creative outlet for me and sometimes it’s also a stress releasing outlet. And check out the video below to see how pretty the game is. :P

How is gaming creative? Well, with most games, at least games I personally like, there is something you have to figure out or solve. This isn’t so much true with COH (City of Heroes) in general gameplay but I do enjoy “badge hunting”.

Within the game there are certain tasks you can do to obtain badges, a sort of reward for completing that task. There are different categories of badges, the easiest probably being the Exploration category where you simply visit the location where a badge is and it is rewarded to your character.

There are also more difficult categories like the Achievements category where you have to earn a set of multi-category badges that lead into an Achievement badge or for certain milestones such as for reaching level 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

Sounds complicated but once you’re into it I think it’s fun. I’m sure I have pulled some gaming friends into enjoying badge hunting. And that’s another fun aspect! You can do this with your friends. It’s like a virtual scavenger hunt game. How corny do I sound? Oh well. :)

Another fun COH activity is costume creation! COH’s costume creator is a lot of fun and probably one of the best in any game out there currently. There are a myriad of costume variations. The game developers are also continually adding more and new costume pieces. I read somewhere once someone describe the costume creator as Barbie dress-up for adults… or Barbie dress-up for gamers? Something like that. And there aren’t only superhero style costume pieces, there are Steampunk pieces, barbarian pieces, robot, gunslinger, animal, Roman period and science fiction style pieces and more.

Who wouldn’t want this seemingly endless “closet” of costume possibilities? (And still we players want more!)

The game is also stress-relieving because the most fun I have is when I get to play with my fellow supergroup members. A supergroup is like an in-game guild/group/club you can form with others and it includes a supergroup base that you can build and design to (mostly) your heart’s content. I love my gaming friends, some of which I’ve met in person! Most recently, we hosted two married game friends at our home and had a great time being touristy in and around Seattle. (Separate post on that soon!) I can be myself which is harder in “real life” because of my social anxiety. In a weird way, though, it hasn’t made the anxiety worse, the game has helped me to better socialize with people when I have to in real life. :)

Other games I have played and/or still enjoy are: Mortal Kombat on any system or platform, Mario Mart Wii, DC Universe Online, racing games, puzzles, solitaire, sudoku, Angry Birds, some tabletop games, card games, Mad Gab is hilarious, and many more I can’t remember and am too tired/lazy to type in. :P

Our most recent game that Travis and I have played is a tabletop game called Munchkin. I had heard of this game before but never had a chance to play it but then I saw Felicia Day and some of her friends/The Guild actors play it on her Geek and Sundry YouTube channel and then I REALLY wanted to play it. We played our first game (the first night we got the game!) with his brother, Spencer, and Spencer’s girlfriend, Tessa. Fun was had. :)

Watch Felicia Day, Steve Jackson (Munchkin game creator), Sandeep Parikh, and Wil Weaton play Munchkin:

Are you a COH player or gamer? What games do you recommend?