DIY Decorative Jewelry Hanger in Gold, Wood, & Rope #SorryGirlsSquad

While looking through the Sorry Girls website for environmentally friendly ideas and DIYs, I came across this very cute copper pipe and rope jewelry hanger that I’d seen in the past. Who am I kidding? Pretty much all their DIYs are cute to me!

Beautiful Sorry Girls copper pipe & rope jewelry hanger DIY

I remembered that I had a small piece of driftwood branch I picked up a long time ago (on a Whidbey Island beach, I think?). Originally, I was going to make it into a wand–I love Harry Potter!–but it’s just been sitting around, like many of my unfinished projects and art supplies, collecting dust and cluttering a drawer. So I used that as the rod for this project.

It turned out great. Check it out!

My version has a more boho, beachy, natural vibe than the Sorry Girls version, which I actually like more. It was very simple and quick to make, too, with supplies I already had. We have so many arts and crafts supplies that I’m happy I’m able to use them up and not have to buy new items.

The rope came from a bag, I think? The quality of the rope is really nice, so I saved it knowing I could use it for a project. I simply tied a really tight double-knot around the ends of the branch–after a couple coats of gold acrylic paint–leaving about an inch and a half or so of rope out for the tassels.

Make sure to note which way the tassel tail faces after knotting the first side so you can match it to the other side. Unbraid the tassels and brush them out to fluff them. I felt like the rope was a little too long on top so I tied a knot about two inches from the top, which made a nice loop for hanging. I really like how the knot makes it look more finished somehow.

I added a couple of hooks to the front left side of the branch to hold bracelets or necklaces that don’t have clasps. I would have added 3 in total, spreading them across evenly but this branch was too rigid and would need pilot holes so it doesn’t split. I only fit two hooks in where the wood already had some to make it easier on me. I still really like it with just two hooks or none. Very minimalist and very pretty.

Another thing I liked about this project, and something I’ve been trying to be conscious of, is how it was an almost zero waste craft project. Many arts and crafts projects can create a lot of trash; the only waste I created from this project was trimming down about a half inch of rope so the tassels were even on both sides. That’s a win in my book. There is a future post I’m working on where I reuse stuff that would otherwise become garbage. It’ll be a little while before I post it, but I’m excited about the things I can make and maybe help show others ways to reduce, reuse, and upcycle things instead of simply throwing them out.

Wishing everyone a joyful week!