An Introduction

family photo
Us three by the International Fountain at the Seattle Center (Nov. 20th, 2019).

Hello! It’s been YEARS since I posted anything here!

I’d say I’m embarrassed, but no one really reads my blog anyway. Hehe. So I guess I’m free to say and feel whatever I want. Woohoo!

I’ll start with what direction this blog is going. My focus will be on three major topics that are important to me: Family, Minimalism, and the Environment. Originally, this website was supposed to be my artwork portfolio back when I was in college and an art student at Columbia College Chicago. My blog name was simply my name and last name initial, however, now that I’m married and my last name is different I felt weird still using this blog knowing that. But I wasn’t ready to give up my domain name since I’ve had it for so long and has changed along with me.

After playing around with different anagrams, I finally found the one! This fits not only all the letters well but also works with the focus of my blog/life rebranding. “The Ideal: Nature and Home” was born! Most people seemingly aspire to live an ideal life, which means something different to everyone. I aspire to live simply and in tune with nature as much as I can. This involves reducing our consumerism, which in turn reduces our waste and negative impact on the environment.

Sure, we are just one small family unit of three, but we all have an impact, however small it may be. By sharing our experiences and knowledge, I hope to also inspire others to make positive changes and show people that it’s not such a difficult or impossible thing to do.

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

-Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef,

There are also many more resources available now than even a few years ago. My main inspiration has got to be Rob Greenfield ( I discovered Rob in 2016 or so, while doing some research for a paper I was writing for my English college course. I enjoyed what Rob had to say and how unbiased and honest he seemed about the environment and our impact on the earth. Through Rob, I’ve been inspired to seek out and discovered many other resources, such as Ron Finley, The Zero Waste Chef, Zero Waste Home, SedonaChristina, Eco Collective, and Life Without Plastic, just to name a few.

Each new resource discovery brings new and different approaches and ideologies to living a less negatively impactful life on nature. Rob lives the most extremely, with little to almost no possessions and literally creating near zero waste. He’s a great example to follow because, while most people may not be able to live as extremely low waste, he shows that it is possible. Therefore, I really think we should all at least try because we gain so much more from preserving our world than by destroying it.

I will try my best to post every weekend, probably Sundays, and share my efforts with you. I will also try and add content to my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I may even finally start up a YouTube channel. Eep!

Photo collage from Oahu, Hawaii. The best family trip we’ve taken so far (Sep. 2019).

Thanks for reading & I hope you return!